Thursday, February 23, 2012

Embrace Happiness

Have you ever desperately needed a change but were too afraid to do something about it?

I moved to a new city two years ago with my boyfriend, Zack. I knew no one outside of him, but was intent on making new friends. I took the first job I was offered, a receptionist position. I told Zack it was temporary and that soon I would have a new job. My boyfriend and I bought a gorgeous house and were building a home together. I blogged daily and loved my blog dearly.

Two years later I still had very few friends in my ‘new’ city, was still working at the first job I had been offered and, despite a promotion that seemed perfect, hated it. I stopped blogging all together due to lack of time – work demanded long hours and with the purchase of our home my commute turned into one of two hours a day.

I was miserable.

I was tired of Zack coming home to a weepy Amber and constantly having to ask, ‘what’s wrong’. I finally decided to change something.

Rather, I decided to change everything.

I began applying everywhere – and I mean everywhere (my low point – and I’m embarrassed to even admit this - was submitting my resume to Petco. As soon as I clicked ‘submit’ on the computer screen I sat back and said, “what am I thinking?!). Quicker than I imagined I landed a new job and put my two weeks notice in.

It’s funny how quickly change can happen. For the last six months I had fallen into a depression. I stopped caring about how I looked and I stopped caring about taking care of things. I was a mess. I barely wore makeup, I threw on whatever was clean not caring what it was, I stopped cleaning the house. Life was a disaster.

Then the job offer came. It was the start of the end. I started getting motivation back. I cleaned the house (and, belive me, that was a big feat). I started putting care into what I wore. This change started a rolling chain reaction and affected every part of my life.

Not long after the job offer came, I connected with an old friend from high school. She sounded so happy and fulfilled. She started to tell me about her side gig, selling Stella and Dot jewelry. It sounded marvelous – so, I signed up. (You may now call me fashionista.) And, you know what? I love it, too! I’m supposed to wear this gorgeous jewelry, meet all kinds of amazing women, and they pay me for it!

So, there it is. My quarter life crisis. (and I thought it was when I called of my wedding a month before the date!) Here’s the thing, I think we all get to that point. Life isn’t what you thought it would be. You’re not happy with a current situation, you’re not making enough money, you don’t have the support group that you need, etc. Whatever your situation may be, just know that I get it. It sucks. But the only thing that is keeping you in your current situation… is you.

Embrace change, and embrace happiness. We all deserve it.